There are many ways to pay a pledge to South Church


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We don't send invoices, so it is up to you to fulfill your pledge promise.

However, we do send periodic confirmations of payments for your tax records.

You can, of course, pay your pledge by dropping cash or checks into the Sunday service collection plate, or by visiting the church office. But there is a better way -- the online bill pay sevice from your own bank. You don't have to remember your checkbook on Sunday morning, or later hunt for envelopes and stamps. Your bank takes care of everything.

You only have to arrange it once, and then your bank will remember to send your pledge payments to the church every month (or other time period, as you prefer). In this way, the church can count on your regular participation, and we can make financial plans knowing we will have the ability to pay our bills.

The process is a bit different at each bank, but the pattern is always similar. You log in, and you tell your bank you want to make a payment from your account to:

South Congregational Church

27 Pleasant Street

Concord, NH 03301

If your bank needs it, our phone number is 603-224-2521. Call us an "individual" rather than a "company" so you won't need any account numbers, but you can add a note on the memo line if you wish. At the church office, if it comes from your name, we will know it is you.

You tell your bank how often to send the amount, and when to stop, if ever. Your bank takes it from there, writes the check, and mails it to us. When we receive it, we note that you have paid your pledge promise.

Here is a LINK to some specific instructions and examples, but even if your bank is not listed here, it should still be easy for you to set up. Your bank will likely have similar instructions online.


  Contact the Church Office  for a form to give to your broker.



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