Genesis Circle 

The Genesis Circle is a fellowship group open to all women - young and old.  This group generally meets once a month with special guests presenting short programs. Please check the programs for events that might be of interest to you.  All meetings will be held at the church unless otherwise stated.  Refreshments are provided.  All are welcome!!



Co-Presidents:     Edie Dimick & Eileen Jones

Secretary:             Mary Ewert

Treasurer:            Norma Angwin

Callers                  Trilly Lewis, Sue Noel, Pandora Martel, Nancy Roberts,

                              Cheryl Simmers and Elizabeth Bornstein


C.A.M.E.L. Coordinator:  Cy Sherman

 2017-2018 PROGRAM                                    


18: MONDAY   5:00 PM                

   Potluck dinner, reconnecting after summer and welcoming newcomers.

   Entertainment by HHH Tootlers.      

   Dining Extension, Barrows Building, Heritage Heights, 149 E. Side Dr.



16: MONDAY   6:30 PM  Business meeting

                            7:00 PM  Create a fall craft.                                                                                                           



19: SUNDAY     AM   Thanksgiving Bake Sale after BOTH worship services.



11: MONDAY   6:30 PM Christmas celebration,  Yankee Swap

                                           The Great Room, Havenwood (main building), 33 Christian Ave                                                                 


8: MONDAY    1:30 PM    Business meeting

                           2:00 PM    Conversation with Pastor Carlos



5: MONDAY.    1:30 PM    Pack cookies for C.A.M.E.L.

                           2:00 PM     Prepare raffle baskets


11: SUNDAY      AM           Valentine Bake Sale after BOTH worship services

                                               Start of Basket Raffle



11: SUNDAY   11:30 AM.    Drawing for raffle baskets


12:  MONDAY  1:30 PM  Planning for May all church women dinner

                            2:00 PM  Ellen Fries program on Concord Coalition to End Homelessness 

                                            Congregation is invited



9: MONDAY     6:30  PM Finalize all church women dinner plans

                             7:00 PM UNH Cooperative Extension Master Gardener,

                                           presentation on container gardening. 



7: TUESDAY   5:00 PM     ALL CHURCH WOMEN DINNER provided by Genesis Circle

                            A time to enjoy fellowship, food, entertainment, and celebrate each other



04: MONDAY    5:00 PM                 Dinner out at Red Blazer

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