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Are you called?

We are a faith community of 453 members. The Nominating Committee, the church staff and the clergy have prayerfully considers each member. We look at the needs of the ministry and reflect on who would live into the mission of the ministry. When you are asked, take some time to think about this nomination and the mission of the ministry. Granted, we do not know everything about you and what is going on in your life . . . so if this ministry or time in your life doesn’t work for you, let us know.

Maybe there is another ministry that appeals to you more. Please note that a “prayerful no” is an acceptable response. We truly do not like to be ignored during coffee hour.


What do the various ministries do? How long is a term? What’s a term?

Here are some brief answers to those questions


Church Council:

The role of the Church Council is to interpret and implement the will of the Members of the Church and act as the executive committee of the church. The program year should focus on being efficient in its operation; promote the ministries and committees and the good works they do on behalf of the Church and God and God’s people; promote and foster a sense of fellowship within and outside the Church; and be a greater presence in the community. Meeting Times: Meetings are held on a monthly basis between September and June on the last Tuesday of the month and begin at 7:00 pm.


The church council consists of  President, Vice-President, and voting representatives from each ministry within the church.

Collections and Deposits Committee:

This committee records the loose offering, special offerings and pledge envelopes given each week. Money is deposited at the bank immediately after the counting process ends with pledge envelopes and a summary sheet delivered to our Church Administrator.

Meeting Times: Collections and Deposits Committee does not meet regularly throughout the year. They count on a rotating schedule (not more than 12 times a year) on Sundays or Mondays on a weekly basis.  The Collections and Deposits Committee consist of 15 members. There is no limited on a term.

Delegates Committee:

The Delegates Committee provides representation for the Church at meetings of the New Hampshire Conference, the Merrimack Association, Ecclesiastical Councils, and Ordinations. The members of the Delegates Committee carry the sentiment of the Members to all organizations whose meetings they attend and make periodic reports to the congregation on the activities and meetings of those organizations. Meetings Times: Delegates Committee does not meet regularly throughout the year. The Delegates Committee may consist of 5-8 members. Each member is asked to serve a three year term and is eligible to serve a second three year term.

Faith in Action:

South Church is a vibrant community of Christ, gathered to share in ministries both

within the congregation and throughout the world. Further, knowing that our actions speak louder than mere words, South Church is called to put our faith into action through the variety of gifts, talents, callings and passions of our members. The Faith in Action Ministry will help the congregation connect in meaningful ways with the Concord community, our country and the world, and will help us give voice to issues of social and ethical concerns. Meeting Times: Meetings are held on a monthly basis between September and June on the first Wednesday of the month and begin at 6p.m.  Each member is asked to serve a three year term and is eligible to serve a second three year term.

Faith Formation Ministry:

South Church values the diversity of faith practices and experiences of its members. We also realize that each of us is on a journey of faith and in different stages of this journey.

As a community gathered in the name of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit we recognize the need to educate and help make disciples of all current members (across the ages) and those seeking to join South Church. We envision Faith Formation as vital to our shared spiritual growth. Meeting TimesMeetings are held on a monthly basis between September and June on the third Tuesday of the month at 6p.m. Each member is asked to serve a three year term and is eligible to serve a second three year term.

The Giving Ministry:

The variety of ministries of South Church requires the support of the gathered faith

community through the gifts and management of time, talent and treasure. The Giving Ministry helps the gathered community deepen its sense of support of our collective ministries through our time, talent and treasure and will also be the lead stewards of the gifts received by the congregation to support the physical church and the ministries of South Church. Meeting Times: Meetings are held on a monthly basis between September and June on the first Tuesday of the month and begin at 7p.m. Each member is asked to serve a three year term and is eligible to serve a second three year term.


The Guild:

The Guild is responsible for making preparations for communion and hosting Church receptions. The Guild organizes the communion elements including the chalice, serving plates, cups and linens; arrange for most receptions, including those to honor present members and recognize the clergy.  Meeting Times: The Guild meets once in August/September. Most of their work is done on the first Sunday of the month prepping for communion and occasional receptions throughout the year.  There are no term limits for participating on the Guild.


Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee, with the advice of the clergy and staff, prepares and presents at the Annual Business meeting of the Church, a slate of nominees for each Church office and position which is scheduled to be filled by election (open ministry positions). Meeting TimesNominating does not meet regularly throughout the year, but begins to meet in January/ February to develop a slate of potential committee members. Much of the work by the committee is done via the telephone. This ministry is focused on getting the job done in a compressed timeframe, but recognizes the need to get together throughout the year as the need arises. The Nominating Committee consists of 3 to 4 members. Each member is asked to serve a three year term and is eligible to serve a second three year term.


Worship and Spiritual Life Ministry:

Worship is the central act of our gathered community. This ministry will be responsible to not only help shape weekly worship and special services but will also offer discernment and enrichment to the spiritual life of the congregation, assit with Communion and Baptism and to reach out to our 4-Way Covenant Clergy members. Meeting Times: Meetings are held on a monthly basis between September and June on the third Tuesday of the month and begin at 5:30p.m.  Each member is asked to serve a three year term and is eligible to serve a second three year term.


Staffing Ministry:

The Staffing Ministry is an advocate for staff, they hear grievances and seek to resolve disputes which may arise between staff members, staff and clergy, or staff and the ministries or committees they work with. The Ministry makes periodic reports of its activities to the Church Council. Meetings Times: Meetings are held as often as necessary to carry out its responsibilities. The Staffing Ministry consists of five members.

Each member is asked to serve a three year term and is eligible to serve another three year term.


Pastor-Parish Relations Committee:

The PPRC is charged with designing and distributing a substantial evaluation process of settled Clergy every two years, which creates a learning experience; PPRC also helps make the decision on salaries for our ordained staff. The PPRC exists as a safe place for our clergy to discuss, understand and move toward the resolution of difficulties of any kind including difficult or unresolved issues between clergy members, presuming they have previously discussed the issue between themselves; and, difficulties with support staff or members of the congregation. Meeting Times: The PPRC will meet at least six times each year and will meet at least twice with the active Clergy as a team and at least twice with the Clergy as individuals. The Pastor Parish Relations Committee (PPRC) consists of five members, appointed by the Members of the Worship and Spiritual Life

Ministry in consultation with the Clergy, for a term of no more than five years.

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