Baptism 2016

Jesus called his followers to make disciples through the sacred act of baptism.  We believe today that baptism is an essential element in affirming God’s grace, and in our efforts to be faithful to the Lord.


In the United Church of Christ, infant baptism is encouraged and later, when a youth has reached a certain point in his/her own faith journey, we encourage the Confirmation of these baptismal vows.


We also believe that, through baptism, the Church affirms the presence and power of God’s grace in this new life, regardless of the faithfulness of the children’s parents.  At another level, we understand baptism as a communal act of a local congregation which affirms the commitment of a child’s parents to raise him/her within the fellowship.




The preferred setting for a service of baptism is within the context of a regular service of worship when the worshipers present speak their covenant promise to uphold the family in their vows, and to provide the means for the Church to reach out in its ministry.  Baptism will be celebrated in this context when a family has become active in the life of their local congregation, or when the family has expressed their intention to do so.  This means that the family of the child who is being baptized will actively support the work of their congregation; will enable the child to be raised within the context of the Church and its programs; and will do their part in strengthening the total witness of their Church.




THEY ARE OPTIONAL!  Sponsors, or Godparents, are a part of the earliest history of the Christian Church.  In the first centuries Christians were often persecuted, even killed, for their faith.  Others within the community then accepted the responsibility for raising the orphaned children.


In some traditions today the role of Godparents and sponsors continue to be very significant.  Within the tradition of the United Church of Christ many churches invite the entire congregation to take part in “sponsoring” the baptized child.  All who gather together in worship make their spoken promise to the parents and their child:


  • We will perform those responsibilities which will make the love of God evident to all our children, so that they might grow in the Lord;
  • We will aid you as parents in instructing your children in the word of God, and in the principles of Christian Life;
  • We will pray with you and for you, and will receive you into the fellowship of the Christian Church;
  • And we will respond in whatever ways God gives us, so that your children might grown in spirit and in truth.


By this pledge our entire congregation accepts the role as sponsors for your child(ren) and encourages you in your own faith and participation in the church life.


If it is your desire as parents to have Sponsors/Godparent(s) we hope that you will carefully consider the special relationship between Godparent(s) and your child(ren).  It is appropriate to ask adult(s) who are married or single, a friend, relative or other church member.  The Godparent(s) should intend a continuing relationship with your child(ren).  Also, you should ask someone to whose care you would entrust your child(ren) if necessary.


If you are interested in having your child or yourself baptized please the link below to complete the the Baptism Request.


Baptism Request

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