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Easter Cover 2017

"An Easter Story"

Rev. Jared Rardin

based on Jeremiah 31:1-6, Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24 and 

                Matthew 28:1-10

"God has made this day, and every day, a new gift for you and me, and we did not need to lift a finger to help it happen.  God is the God of life and has blessed us beyond the telling of it with the wonder of  being a part of all. " - Jed Rardin


"Greater Expectations"

Rev. Jared Rardin

based on Psalm 130 and Ezekiel 37:1-14 

"Because when you work for the God of Ezekiel and Jesus and Lazarus...a God who breathes life into bones and bodies and into creation itself, suddenly words like "can't" "never" and "impossible" are no longer relevent." - Jed Rardin

Anthem:  Pie Jesu

Chancel Choir

Molly Nyhan - soloist & Bozena O'Brien - violin

seeing and unseeing

"Seeing & unseeing"

Rev Carlos Jauhola-Straight

based on John 9:1-41

"We must participate in our seeing, and once we have seen - God calls us to particpate in responding to the needs around us."  

-- Carlos Jauhola-Straight

 Woman at the well

  “A chance meeting?”

Rev. Carlos Jauhola-Straight

based on John 4:1-42                  


"Step over whatever boundaries and borders are keeping you isolated so that you might encounter the living loving God"

-- Carlos Jauhola-Straight 

A different way

A Different Way of Knowing    
Rev. Jared Rardin 

based on Genesis 12:1-4, Pslam 121, John 3:1-17

"Like Nicodemus, we have an invitation to begin again, only in that place where true connection happens:  the heart. 

This means a downward shift theologically and anatomically, a downward shift from the safety of the mind to the openness of the heart."  -- Jed Rardin


We're All Connected

Rev. Jared Rardin

based Psalm 25:1-10 & Luke 10:25-37


Senior Reflections 


Youth Sunday 2016 with reflections by graduating Seniors.  


Click for a copy of the text: Senior Reflections



Contemplative Worship  

Anthem: "The Precious Seed"



 Psalm 126 -- Home, Becky Josephson 

 Isaiah 43:16-21 --  A Path in the Wilderness, Mary Jo Alibrio

 John 12:1-8 -- Gift, Carlos Jauhola-Straight


Pastoral Prayer by Rev. Carlos Jauhola-Straight


Offertory: Aria


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