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Life for most of us these days is lived at an unhealthy pace.  Schedules are crammed to overflowing, to-do lists are never-ending, and there is precious little time for God, for self, or simply savoring God's gift of life.  At South Church we encourage you to make time in your day for at least a few moments of sacred sanity.  Here are a few of the ways to discover and savor that sacred sanity:

Retreats: Several opportunities are offered each year to gather with other South Churchers to rest, pray, feast, and simply savor a healthier pace.

Sermon Podcasts:  We value opening scripture so that it comes alive and speaks to who we are as followers of Christ today, facing today's challenges and insights.  How does God call us to be the Body of Christ today?

Daily Devotions:  The United Church of Christ offers daily reflections.  These Stillspeaking Devotionals are sent daily directly to your inbox.  This is a wonderful way to start your mornings.

Lectionary Readings: Are you interested in exploring the Bible and looking for a daily practice of reading? Consider the Daily Lectionary! The Lectionary consists of readings from the Hebrew texts, the Psalter, Gospel and Epistle.

Keeping up with Members:South Church is blessed with a richness of experience and witness of its members. Catch up with some members and the ways they engage their faith. Perhaps in their words you will hear God’s call for you.

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